When you stop or cut down your use you may have habits or needs in your life that get in the way of your goals. If you think about these now and plan for them, you will be better able to manage the change.
When making a plan there are several areas that are helpful to look at:


Now is the time to ensure there is structure to your life by eating regularly, regular bedtime and physical activity.
Developing regular, healthy eating habits is crucial not only for nutritional reasons, but it also stabilises mood, supplies energy and provides set periods when you can socialise and relax.


Moderation in pacing change can be important. It means taking things in moderation and don't overdo it. Moderation also includes avoiding unnecessary stress.
"Easy does it" is sound advice. While you can't eliminate stress entirely, it helps to build coping skills and support.


Your action plan is not carved in stone. It is a set of options and needs that will change over time as you change.
Try not to think of options as obligations that must be carried out precisely. Not fully meeting obligations is likely to just make you feel guilty. Guilt erodes your self-esteem which is precisely what your action plan is meant to build.