Quitting or cutting down?
Both quitting and cutting down takes effort. This might help you make that decision
Quitting might be a better choice when:

My gut tells me trying to control my use just won't work for me.

I have tried to cut down before and it just did not work.

The consequences of me continuing to use are just too much (health, relationships).

My mental health has been really affected.

I am worried I am dependent. I want to have more control in my life and cannabis is controlling me.

I have a family history of mental health problems.

I am in trouble with the law or have financial problems.

Cutting down might be a better choice when:

I know I am not going to quit.

Using will not interfere with my quality of life or well being.

The level of my use has benefits that outweigh the consequences.

My cannabis use does not interfere with my work, education, etc.

I can set a limit or say no at times.

I do not have a history of mental health problems in my family.

I know it is illegal and costly, but I'm willing to take the risk.