Tips for cutting down
Some people think cutting down is harder than stopping. Both goals take a lot of effort and determination
  • Set limits on the day, time, and amount you plan to use.
  • Plan ahead for particular situations. This can help you have a plan for dealing with pressure to use cannabis when you really don't want to.
  • To reduce the risk of overdoing it, try to space out the days between using cannabis.
  • Keep a diary of how much you are using. This helps you be aware when you are using more than you said you would.
  • The more you break up the pattern of use the easier it is to control cannabis and reduce the risks.
  • If you are trying to cut down, avoid things that remind you of cannabis. Certain places, people, events or times might make you think of cannabis and want to take it.
  • Make a list of the good things about not using.
  • Think about the bad side of using and try to think of an image of a specific thing that tells you, "I just don't want that."
  • Distract yourself with something you enjoy.
  • Remind yourself of your success so far. Do you want to give that up?
  • Put off the decision to use for 15 minutes. The craving will probably pass.
  • Leave or change the situation if you're under too much pressure.
  • Call someone who has been helpful in the past. It is ok to ask for help.