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Is it time for a change?

This site will help you examine your own cannabis use. The exercises can be used as self-help (on your own) or with the support of someone to help you make changes that you decide

What benefits do you see cannabis having for you?
It is relaxing

I feel that I have more fun

It helps when I feel lonely

It helps me forget my problems

I like the feeling of getting high

It helps me be more confident

It helps me laugh and find things funny

It helps me face my responsibilities

It improves sex

I don't feel so nervous or stressed

It helps me sleep

It eases pain

It stops me from thinking too much

It helps me when I'm feeling down

It lifts me when I feel bored

It helps me be more creative

Other people expect me to smoke (esepecially at certain times: at recreational activities, weekend etc)

It's automatic. It is what I do

It's part of my life. I'm attached to it.