"It makes me
paranoid in

Cannabis can have a range of
negative effects that have an impact
in your life.

What problems would you like to avoid?
Feeling anxious / stressed
Conflict with people I care about
Mental confusion. I can't think clearly, or I can't make up my mind about things
Feeling bad about myself
Feeling paranoid
Feeling lost. I feel I don't have any sense of spiritual connection with the world
Memory loss
Having problems remembering important things
Destroying my ability to work well
Messing up my sleep
Irregular menstrual cycle
Legal problems
Financial worries: too much money spent
I am worried about my physical health
Not doing as well as I could at school or work
Feeling as if I have no choice
Difficulty keeping a job
Losing self-esteem
Feeling like everything is hopeless
Feeling lazy, no motivation
Getting into trouble with the police